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securing debian manual
C: 2018-04-17
<reply> I heard securing debian manual is
C: 2018-04-17
<reply>see metapackage
buster freeze
C: 2018-04-17
<reply> Buster will start the freeze process on 2019-01-12 see or ask me about <freeze>, <slushy>.
C: 2018-04-17
<reply>The release following Debian 11 "Bullseye" is codenamed "Bookworm" and will be Debian 12. Bookworm is the librarian in Toy Story 3, a big green worm with a flashlight and keeper of the instruction manuals.
C: 2018-04-15
<reply> see interface names
apt https
C: 2018-04-13
C: 2018-04-12
<reply> "Hello" is not a question. It can't be expected people will answer a simple greeting. Just ask your question!

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