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M: 2002-05-14
<reply> are ethernet cards that can be configured using the 3c5x9utils package. the docs for this package are available at scyld.com, or the original DOS (yek) utils can be downloaded from ftp://ftp.warande.net/pub/dos/3c5x9n.exe, or if you have an ISA NIC that can send but not receive anything, try to change IRQ for the NIC in BIOS
M: 2001-03-06
http://boudicca.tux.org/hypermail/linux-kernel/2001week08/0429.html, or (fixed in 2.4.2-ac5), or ac12 REBREAKS this, don't use ac12
C: 2000-10-23
are you a liar
C: 2001-06-06
<reply> I always lie! I'm lying right now!!
C: 2000-03-03
Advanced SCSI Programming Interface, an adaptec trademark
C: 2002-08-01
http://www.audiogalaxy.com/ was used for filesharing but has been blocked due to copyright action, it can still be useful for helping find the titles of tracks by an artist and they host some songs for direct download but it can't be used for peer-sharing anymore.
M: 2001-04-07
the library that fools OSS programs into thinking your NAS server is just another soundcard. At least, that's the ideal." It's a Linux LD_PRELOAD library (libaudiooss/http://www.mo.himolde.no/~knan/linux.html), or libaudiooss, or libaudiooss
C: 2001-08-12
be back in a while
be micros~1 barbie
C: 2001-06-27
<reply> 8.3 filenames are HARD!
caveat emptor
C: 2000-08-09
buyer beware
debian planet
M: 2011-05-26
<reply> see planet
do you learn
C: 2001-07-11
<reply> Yes, $who, I learn really well. Especially when I'm paid.
ebda too big
C: 2001-10-12
Are you sure you ran lilo after you compiled the kernel? Or, if that fails, edit /usr/share/misc/magic so that line ~3200 says >=0x200 rather than 0x201.
C: 2000-04-03
something ibm liked
C: 2000-05-13
a bundle of sticks and branches bound together
go sit in the corner
C: 2001-01-21
<action> sits in the corner, sobbing quietly
M: 1999-12-11
<reply> Some scientists did a study, showing men both gay and straight porn; they also used a survey to gauge their homophobia. There was a strong correlation between homophobia and arousal at gay erotica.
M: 2010-02-21
<reply>Ickle was a GTK+ ICQ client supporting the ICQ2000 protocol. Removed from Debian post-Etch to resolve bug #441349. Ask me about <ICQ> for other clients.
jobs skills
C: 2002-10-08
yes I can be your personal god. Does anyone want me to be their alpha and omega?? /msg me for details
C: 2001-04-15
<reply> konichiwa, $nick, genki desu ka?
C: 2001-11-09
the fdisk for PowerMacs, it creates Apple partition tables. documented at http://penguinppc.org/projects/yaboot/doc/mac-fdisk-basics.shtml
C: 2001-04-18
<reply> see 1,048,576 bits (= 2^20 = 1024*1024)
C: 2001-01-21
a chill pseudo-geek (he's just too damned pretty to be a REAL geek) from central CT, USA. He is GPL'ed and you can find his source at http://mercserver.net.
C: 2002-02-02
C: 2001-10-03
<reply> if you're getting "no: command not found" when compiling stuff, apt-get install gettext (then rm config.cache and rerun ./configure). Hint: "Searching for gettext .... no"
M: 2001-03-18
the utility to set OpenFirmware variables in nvram on PowerMacs. It is in the powerpc-utils package. broken on new world machines in linuxppc q4, if you are having problems switch distributions
C: 2002-05-08
Rolling on the floor, laughing my ass of, pissing in my pants... In other words you need to get changed...
C: 2002-01-28
a guy who does style coding despite having no known artistic abilities. He is not really sad, but just appears to be.
M: 2001-01-25
a "secure" (encrypted) music format being pushed by the RIAA. Of course, it is about as secure as DVD movies were, or sdmi players will be most likely only available for win32. French hackers break SDMI, results published at http://www.julienstern.org/sdmi/index.php3
start a country war
C: 2001-07-25
<reply> The USA is better than (the UK|Canada|Ireland|Israel|South Africa|Russia|France|China|Japan|North Korea)!
start a os holy war
C: 2000-04-29
<reply> see start an os holy war
C: 2001-03-17
<reply> owwww!
C: 2000-08-27
Unshielded Twisted Pair
x windows system
M: 2011-05-26
<reply> see xorg
C: 2001-02-20
a valiadating xml parser for java and c++. It is at(c++ version, for java version switch the -c in xerces-c for a -j) http://xml.apache.org/xerces-c/index.html

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